Bree and Me
Bree and Me

Bree and Me

A True Story of a Rescue Rooster's Journey


32 Pages, 10 x 10

Formats: Hardcover

Hardcover, $14.00 (CA $17.00) (US $14.00)

Publication Date: November 2022

ISBN 9781637610121

Price: $14.00


Be inspired by the true story of social media sensation Bree the Rescue Rooster, who is waking up the world to kindness one crow at a time.

In this beautifully illustrated picture book, follow Bree on his journey from a lost chick on an NYC street to finding his forever home with his human, Camille. Learn how Bree became a chicken with a mission to change the world with his “big wings” message of love for all animals, people, and the planet.

Author Biography

An Ohio woman with a passion for saving animals and the planet, Camille Licate has created a multi-media educational platform that empowers kids to take positive action for a brighter future. Named a global changemaker, she’s the writer, producer, and host of the PBS kids show Kids for Positive Change, airing on WQLN PBS, and guest speaker at schools across the nation. Camille has taught children, teens, young adults, and adults how to curb climate change, make sustainable choices, and share knowledge through community action with her highly sought-after environmental program, Kids for Positive Change. Her work has been recognized by Dr. Jane Goodall, Roots and Shoots Youth Movement and the Pollination Project. Camille’s new children’s book, Bree and Me : A True Story of a Rescue Rooster Journey, aligns with her humane education program, Wake Up with Bree. With Bree, the Rescue Rooster by her side, Camille continues to amplify children’s voices for positive change for animals, people, and the planet! Learn more at