I Lost My Tired
I Lost My Tired

I Lost My Tired

Don't Turn on the Lights



32 Pages, 8.5 x 8.5

Formats: Hardcover

Hardcover, $14.99 (CA $18.76) (US $14.99)

Publication Date: July 2022

ISBN 9781953652294

Price: $14.99


Join celebrated children's author, Sir Rhymesalot as he transports you to your warm snuggly bed on a chilly snoozy night when out of nowhere, the scrummy creamy milk that tasted so good going in, wants out. The worst thing is, by the time you get back to your cosy warm sheets, you'll be wide awake and will have "Lost Your Tired." Written in rhyme and delivered with urgency, Sir Rhymesalot will get you giggling. Amoung other things. The Sir Rhymesalot reading level (lexile) is age 11 - 14 (grade 4 - 6) but parents reading these books to children aged 3 - 7 (K - 2) can strengthen literacy and vocabulary significantly in their young minds. This is due to the power of rhyme as a literacy builder.

Author Biography

An Australian poet-pirate-persona is a very good place to start describing this relentless-rhymer, but his books are as multidimensional as the renaissance polymath himself. Simon Mills is a gregarious, larger-than-life author who masterfully communicates on multiple levels. Courageously comedic and then soulful when you least expect it, his stories entertain the parent reader on one level and the youngster on another entirely. You will meet Violet the Virus who longingly loves people but has no idea she is harmful. You will meander through Venice with Pigeoni, the Italian consigliere whose fanciful-fairytales prove too much for his fellow feathered friends until they discover the remarkable truth of his character. Parables that ponder themes from bullying to self-belief in I Lost My Brave, and from racial harmony, in Cyril the Squirrel to social distancing dilemmas in I Lost My Hug.