Money Can Grow on Trees
Money Can Grow on Trees

Money Can Grow on Trees

When you take care of it!

By Oliver Pursche, Illustrated by Brian Barbosa


126 Pages, 6 x 9

Hardcover, $24.99 (US $24.99)

Publication Date: July 2023

ISBN 9781637610497

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Financial Literacy has suddenly become a hot new topic in high schools and at the college level. Money Can Grow on Trees is perfectly timed for this conversation as the author explains in clear and concise language how the world of credit cards, loans, and money management can and do have a life-long impact on the lives of students and adults everywhere. Oliver Pursche uses real-world people and scenarios as educational foundations for teaching the concepts of how not to be afraid of money.  


"Money Can Grow on Trees offers a realistic, approachable framework to the building blocks of personal finance that compound and deliver dividends over a lifetime." —Jared Bilkre, Global Markets Reporter, Yahoo Finance

"I wish there had been a book like this when I was a teen! An easy-to-digest and relatable guide for young AND old that hits all the important points for lifelong financial health." —Amanda Drury, Senior Anchor CNBC

"An accessible introduction to key financial concepts that will serve any student well. Pursche and Barbosa are truly ‘paying it forward’." —Philipp Hecker, CEO Bento Engine Inc.; Columbia University Advisor, former Head of Wealth Planning & Advice JP Morgan Chase

"The emphasis on graphics really meets the student audience where they are, and the real-life examples are explained in straightforward language Teaching financial literacy is critical to future success and Oliver's book is a valuable tool to do just that." —Greg McBride, Chief Financial Analyst,

"Oliver Pursche has created an invaluable tool for young people to get an early start on the path to financial freedom. As navigating the financial world becomes more and more perilous, this resource could not come at a more important time." —Michael Gianfrancesco, ELA Teacher, North Providence High School Adjunct Professor, Rhode Island College Founder of LitX

"Teaching young adults about managing finances is one of society's most urgent responsibilities, and this is a rare book that will actually achieve that goal, with sections on budgeting, saving, investing, loan management and more." —Rob Curran, Contributor, Dow Jones Newswires, The Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning News

"I have learned more from Money Can Grow on Trees than I ever had from any teacher or adult in my life, money is taught in a relatable, understanding way I’ve never seen before." —Josephine Barsky, High School Student

"No one adequately teaches high school students how money works, and Oliver Pursche has done a wonderful job doing just that...providing young adults with a roadmap to their economic freedom. And kids, when you’re done with it, leave it out so your parents can read it, too!" —J. Gary Caputi, retired AP Economics teacher

Author Biography

Oliver Pursche is a recognized thought-leader with nearly 30 years of Financial Advisory experience. As a Sr. Vice President, Advisor for Wealthspire Advisors working out of their New York City and Westport CT offices, Oliver works with affluent families and business owners overseeing and helping them grow their wealth. His opinions, views and guidance on saving and investing are frequently requested by CNBC, Bloomberg Television and Radio, Kiplinger's and Forbes Magazines as well as many other national and world-wide news outlets such as Reuters and Dow Jones. In his role as an advisor, Oliver has been named "amongst the best of the best" by Barron's Magazine six years in a row (2008 - 2014) as part of their "Top Independent Advisor" annual ranking. As an Author and Educator, Oliver has been a keynote speaker at both industry and private events and has been featured in hundreds of investment seminars including events sponsored by AAII (American Association of Independent Investors), Vanguard and Fidelity.