My World Atlas
My World Atlas

My World Atlas

A Fun, Fabulous Guide for Children to Countries, Capitals, and Wonders of the World


My Atlas Series for Children


28 Pages, 6.69 x 11.69

Formats: Paperback

Paperback, $9.99 (CA $12.50) (US $9.99)

Publication Date: April 2022

ISBN 9781953652072

Price: $9.99


A full-color guide to countries and wonders around the world! With two pages of stickers and an oversize poster!My World Atlas is packed with information and beautifully illustrated throughout to ensure a fun and interactive learning experience. Boys and girls can take a colorful tour to the countries of the world, learn about their the capitals, monuments, and flags, and the people and animals that live there.Whether you are helping your child learn remotely, homeschooling your little one, or just trying to make learning fun on a rainy day or a long drive, this colorful, fun atlas will help you create a love of learning and a love for travel, geography, and the world we live in.Also available: My Animal Atlas, My Human Body Atlas, and My Space Atlas.