Myra and The Drawing Drama
Myra and The Drawing Drama

Myra and The Drawing Drama

By Rosemary Rivera, Illustrated by Mario Menjivar, Edited by John Shableski




64 Pages, 5.5 x 8.25

Formats: Hardcover

Hardcover, $16.99 (US $16.99) (CA $21.21)

Publication Date: October 2022

ISBN 9781637610145

Price: $16.99


Myra is a 2nd grader with dreams of winning the school art contest and the adoration of the world. Judging from the grownups’ reactions, it looks like Myra’s dream is about to come true. Or is it? A funny, Almost True story about what happens when adults forget how to think like a kid. The day of the school’s art contest is here, and Myra can’t contain her excitement because this year she’s in it to win it! After many tries, she creates her masterpiece and turns it in for review. The teacher’s reaction sets off a chain of events that take her (and the reader) on unexpected twists and turns. Based on a true story, this unconventional parable is a fun ride with a message that encourages empowerment through confidence, resourcefulness, and resilience.


"Myra and the Drawing Drama will be on shelves September 22nd. Look for it then, if you want a picture book that doesn’t blend nicely into the background like all the rest. Just make sure your jaw is tightly fastened to your head when you read it and doesn’t go rolling under the futon like mine did." --Betsy Bird, Librarian, Reviewer, Blogger, School Library Journal

Author Biography

Rosemary Rivera is a self-described Nuyorican nerd born and raised in The South Bronx. She’s lived many creative lives, beginning as a magazine writer and editor to working behind the scenes in network television at Telemundo and NBC, all the while creating ideas on the side. This included developing content for animated movies and TV shows with her partner, a former Disney animator, and illustrator. This book is one of their various collaborations.