Thurman Goes Green
Thurman Goes Green

Thurman Goes Green

A Turtle's Guide for a Cleaner Planet



40 Pages, 7.63 x 10

Formats: Hardcover

Hardcover, $14.99 (CA $18.76) (US $14.99)

Publication Date: April 2022

ISBN 9781953652843

Price: $14.99


Join Thurman the Turtle in his quest to create a greener, cleaner, healthier planet. A storybook for every boy and girl who cares about the Earth.When he discovers his water is being polluted by human garbage, Thurman the Turtle goes on a mission to stop it. He travels and realizes that people have not only polluted his pond and river but also their own land. But he also finds out that humans put an end to pollution with the four "R's": Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!When he accidentally gets his head stuck in a bottle, he finds out that boys and girls can be heroes too. Change is possible. Anyone can make a difference and protect our environment."The cheery, bright illustrations underline the invigorating message of the indefatigable Thurman.--The Midwest Book Review"The relatable characters and colorful illustrations will spark children's imaginations to see what they can do to help the planet.""Thurman the turtle is a good mentor to help kids want a cleaner planet!"--The Albuquerque Journal"Sure to inspire budding environmentalists (preschool through 3rd grade), and a wonderful read-aloud.--Richard Kujawski, Managing Editor, Living Green Magazine